We have a program that includes home design fees when we build your home. Contractors, are the best judge of costs since we pay the bills and track these costs very carefully. So we have put the horse in front of the cart. Our job cost history is a tool. We constantly update this information in our estimating systems. This is how we are able to provide clients and architects concept estimates, in detail, on just a simple floor plan alone. We fully disclose all costs through out this estimating process prior to any agreements. In the Design Build process, and before home plans are completed, we provide detailed estimates with your desired finishes, such as counter tops, tile or stone floors, carpets doors and windows. As the design evolves the estimate evolves with it. As you become more comfortable with your design the cost become more accurate. At this point we form an agreement it is totally in you hands. If you chose to get more estimates that’s fine.


-Client is not blind sided by the cost of design, “Sticker Shock”. We have had many clients come to us with pre-designed plans paying thousands of dollars for design only to find design is outside their budget.
-We keep your budget in line without affecting the quality and uniqueness of your home.
-We work with your design professional or provide our in house design service.
-If you choose to build with us our design fee is waved. Our design fee is competitive so if you chose another contractor you may purchase completed plans with engineered approvals ready for the permit process.
-We assist and “walk our plans through” the permit process.
-We assist with financing and bring you and lender together.
-We provide all insurance requirements to protect you during the construction process.
-We provide a performance bond required by most banking and subdivisions.
-We provide samples and full scale models from a huge inventory of homes we have designed or built in Kona featuring many unique architectural features, difficult to visualize but not when the feature can be viewed.