Continual maintenance is a program in all our lives. If left unchecked it can be expensive in catch-up costs and in some cases devalue your investment permanently. Our program is tailored to your budget and needs. The quality of service is second to none. We built your home, pool, spa, landscaping and finishes. We know your investment in passion and cash, we respect both.

With one fee a month (Terms are flexible) we can care and monitor all your maintance. Included services are:

Key Maintenance Menu

-Landscape/irrigation care and continued improvement. We keep your budget without affecting the quality. Injecting new plants and care to maintain the unique and interest of your home.
-Pool and/or Spa. We provide and monitor care of your pool/spa all chemicals and weekly testing of water quality. Repairs to equipment required over time are provide by our installation team. We will also provide quotes for replacement equipment from our selves as well as third party vendors or service providers.
-Exterior cleaning to siding, tile or concrete surfaces.
-Interior cleaning prior to vacation arrival and upon “end of stay” close up. Calculated at your convenience.
-Engaging home prior to arrival, Includes flower arrangement, shopping for staples or prearranged list. Airport pickup and return.
-Freshening of interior wood finishes.
-Glass and screen cleaning. Seasonal and as requested.
-Written reports emailed or provided online.
-Appliance repair or replacement.
-Repair or replacement of finishes damaged or worn other then warrantee.