Reducing construction costs is an artform that takes experience, know-how, industry connections (3D modeling in advanced cases) and Value Engineering.

It is important to define what your construction budget is early on: we suggest letting your architect or home builder know, before even drawing a floor plan or prepping an estimate, what your budget is.  Architects prepare their fee’s based on square foot and construction costs.  However, your floor plan is only one component of the cost in your project, another major factor is location (i.e. what are the Subdivision or Commercial zone requirements).  Clients typically think by letting architects or builders know your budget they will somehow rip you off.  The reality is that it likely won’t happen and could actually do the opposite.  You will save a lot of time and money by forcing the architect to design within your budget.

We suggest bringing a contractor on early, truly, only a Home Builder knows the cost of construction; firm’s like GC Pacific offer free preliminary estimates to steer your home in the proper budget.  GC Pacific also offers free home design when coupled with a construction contract.

Now, down to the basics in cost reduction strategy:

Reduce Square Footage – It is amazing how simply taking 1′ from either direction of every bedroom can bring the cost of your home down. Your 3rd and 4th rooms are likely vacant and rarely used by guests, so a couple of feet in either direction usually doesn’t bother anybody.

Bathrooms - Changing the 3rd or 4th bathroom to a half bath can achieve big time savings

Finishes – Changing from Stone to Tile in open spaces or wood to carpet in the bedrooms can achieve thousands of savings

Building Envelope-Residential - We all love stucco exterior, however, Hardy Plank or Board & Batten exteriors can reduce your overall construction costs by 5% or more.

Building Envelope-Commercial- Depending on the size of your commercial building, it might be worth looking into a prefabricated structure or using Concrete Tilt-up walls to shave double digits percentage savings on your project.

Roofing-Residential – We rarely look at our roof, shifting from a Porcelain to Clay tile or from a Standing Seam to Shingle system can again, shave double digit percentage savings off your home.

Roofing-Commercial - In commercial applications, we suggest using a flat roof with single ply roofing thats white in color.  The split pitch, tile roofing my look great, but it costs a ton of money vs flat roof. Also, by using a white single ply roofing membrane you can achieve major savings on your electrical bill through time because the white roofing does not absorb heat.

These are just same basics’; if you have a project that needs value engineering guidance, or simply a detailed estimate to ensure final construction costs, we invite you to contact us today.