Hawaii is sort of the Great Unkonwn to those from the Mainland or out of country. It is true, the cost to build in Hawaii is more expensive. Hawaii has no natural resources for construction other than Rock.  All of your wood, screws, tile, roofing, steel, piping, wires and even gas to provide the electricity must be shipped from the Mainland.  What does this add? About 20% over Mainland pricing.

That being said, we like to categorize construction costs into four (4) Main Verticals: Commercial, Conservative, Custom & Classic.

Commercial/Multi-Family buildings are typically simple and have a lot of open interior space. The open space increases the area that your costs are spread over and the most cost effective to build. Multi-Family structures are able to achieve major cost savings with production. Typical price starting at: $90+/sf

Conservative construction would be your packaged homes that are are realtively straight forward to design & build with little to no highly customized work. Typical price range :$100-$175/sf

Custom homes are completely custom from concept to reality and are found in subdivisions like Vista’s, Keauhou Bayview Estates, Iolani, Makalei, Kohala Ranch and many others.  Your custom home will likely be a unique shape where every facet of your home is decided by you. Typical Price Range: $150-$330/sf

Classic is the term we use to describe highly customized, high-end homes.  These homes will have custom soffiting/trim and high end finishes such as wood and stone. High end custom homes are built mostly in North Kohala in areas like, Kukio, Hualalai, Mauna Lani, Mauna kea and many others.  Typical Price Range: $330-$1,000+/sf

Be warned however, if you are getting a bid from a contractor that is based purely on square foot pricing; they have no idea what the real cost is.  You may end up with a defaulted contractor or bankruptcy   Be sure that your contractor provides openness and transparency.  If a contractor doesn’t want to be transparent they are either hiding something or don’t truly have the answer to your questions.

GC Pacific always provides clients a detailed estimate with our open book policy.

GC Pacific has built hundreds commercial & residential projects throughout the Big Island in all ranges of the spectrum.

GC Pacific is unique in that we are a Father & Son family run business.  You will be working directly with one of the owners on every project which guarantee’s that you get personalized service and support.  There is no project too big or small and we invite you to come join to discuss your construction needs.

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